Standard Contract of a Calling Date

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Call Analysis Sheet

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Emergency Call For Medical Aid (ECMA)

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CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach List (09-25-2020)

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List of current and emeritus Accredited Caller Coaches.

Marketing Manual

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Caller Mentoring Guidelines

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If you are thinking of becoming a Mentor for a new caller, this booklet is designed to help a more experienced caller to work with a new caller. If a friend wants to learn to call, the experienced caller can just give them a record and help them learn a singing call. However, callers know that there is more to calling than memorizing a singing call. If the experienced caller wants to really help, they need to become a Mentor. This booklet will provide ideas for being a Mentor to a new caller. The committee expects that the Mentor will work with the student caller for a period of time that can be up to two years. The new caller would become more independent over that time, but could consult with the Mentor when needed.

Stages (Women in Calling (WIC))

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Document prepared by the Women in Calling Committee called Stages.