Social Connections

Social Connections Committee Contest #2

The Social Connections Committee of CALLERLAB is having another contest. We were thrilled with the ideas we received from our first contest, and they are almost ready for publishing on the KnowledgeBase.

For our second contest we are looking for ideas and showmanship points of communication that could be used from the microphone. These communications can not only increase the social connection between you and your floor of dancers, but they can also increase the connections that dancers have with each other.

The ideas submitted will be evaluated by the Social Connections Committee and prizes will be awarded. A $100 Amazon gift card will go to the winner of the best suggestion. A $50 Amazon gift card will be sent for the second-best suggestion and a $25 Amazon gift card for the third best. This contest is open to any caller, cuer, dancer or dance leader, and multiple entries are encouraged.

The deadline for submissions: March 27, 2022

  • Submission Example #1: Turn to your corner and say, “Please say you won’t forget me”.
  • Submission Example #2: While calling you say, “Flutterwheel with a Hot Dog”. The floor responds back, “Hot Dog”! (Getting your floor of dancers talking back to you).
  • Submission Example #3: While doing a singing call, a caller can get the floor singing along with a familiar tune. The caller can continue the participation by having “only the girls sing” or “only the boys sing” and make a friendly competition during a portion of it.

We’re sure your ideas will be better than the three examples above. Don’t wait. Submit your ideas today.