USDA Beyond the Dance Floor – Finding Callers: Recruiting, Support, Mentoring & More

DON’T FORGET THIS SATURDAY!! Mark Your Calendars — Please join our next webinar on Saturday, September 18, 2021 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time USDA Beyond the Dance Floor – Finding Callers: Recruiting, Support, Mentoring & More Faculty: Daryl Clendenin – Longtime CALLERLAB Member & Accredited Caller Coach; Betsy Gotta – Accredited Caller Coach & Chair of CALLERLAB Caller Training … Read more

National Square Dance Month

Did you know that September is National Square Dance Month!!! It was suggested/created/established by Bob Osgood in his magazine “American Square Dance.” Pam Clasper did some research on this and provides this link to the original article suggesting it: The Sets In Order magazine from the August 1969 mentions it on page 10. The full … Read more

Resolution #2 Discussion

Resolution #2 – To Amend The CALLERLAB Bylaws, ARTICLE IV BOARD OF GOVERNORS, Section 1. Number of Governors. This resolution was presented by the Board of Governors for consideration by the membership. All voting members received an email with the resolution and a link to provide feedback. Discussion for Resolution #2 is now closed.  The Pro  and … Read more

Resolution #1 Discussion

Resolution #1 – to clarify Article IV Board of Governors, Section 5. Removal. This resolution was presented by the Board of Governors for consideration by the membership. Discussion for Resolution #1 has now ended.  Please see the Pro  and Con summaries below. If you have any questions, please contact the Home Office. Discussion: Pro Comments … Read more

Committee Meeting Schedule

Due to the cancellation of the 2021 CALLERLAB Convention, many committees are having Zoom committee meetings. These meetings will be open to committee members only. The current committee meeting schedule is provided below. Please note: all times listed are Central Time. Watch for more information from your committee chair and vice-chair regarding connection instructions and … Read more

Social Connections Committee – Virtual Dance Mentors

From the Social Connections Committee:                          In March, we saw our activity and the world completely change.  Our normal routine of dancing and calling multiple times during the week quickly became no dancing and calling at all. Realizing the importance to stay socially connected, many callers and club leaders stepped into action with phone trees to reach … Read more

2021 CALLERLAB Convention Cancelled

With COVID-19 cases increasing and concerns for travel to the CALLERLAB Convention at the end of March, the Board of Governors have approved the cancelation of the 2021 Convention.  We are sorry for this cancelation but feel it is a decision for the safety of our members and guests.  The Executive Committee is considering presenting … Read more

Past Chairman’s SSD Endorsement

The CALLERLAB Past Chairman’s Committee has endorsed the Social Square Dancing (formally Sustainable Square Dancing) as an existing and proven vehicle that can be used in taking positive and decisive action in opening up a return to square dancing. Therefore, the CALLERLAB Past Chairman Committee endorses the use of SSD as one approach for getting current dancers back on the … Read more

Board of Governors’ SSD Endorsement

The CALLERLAB Board of Governors exists to provide positive leadership and guidance in preserving and building both Square Dancing and calling. COVID-19 is perhaps giving us our biggest challenge ever. In order for us to provide the leadership and guidance necessary to move forward following the worldwide shut down of calling and dancing due to the COVID-19 … Read more

Universal Codicil Available

The CALLERLAB Foundation has developed a standard codicil for last will and testaments for those individuals involved in the square dance activity who would like to bequeath money to CALLERLAB and/or to the CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing. This codicil is written to be effective in all fifty states and … Read more