Updated Triennial Review Procedures

A formal review of the Program Policy was recently completed by the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Program Committees and approved by the Executive Committee. The entire review process was discussed and changes were made to the policy. Beginning in 2022 and each year thereafter, two programs a year will be reviewed. For 2022, … Read more

Resolution 2022 Discussion

Resolution #1 – Apprentice Members and Committee Membership This resolution was presented by the Board of Governors for consideration by the membership. If you have any questions, please contact the Home Office. Discussion: Pro Comments Don Wood – Lacey, WA USA I would agree to allow Apprentice Callers to be members of the New Caller … Read more

CALLERLAB Announces “MicroLAB”

Thanks to the hard work of the Public Relations Committee, CALLERLAB is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at improving the exposure of the Association to international callers and others who find the distance and accessibility to CALLERLAB to be insurmountable. We are all aware of the Mini-Lab program that has been a CALLERLAB … Read more

Social Connections Contest #2

The Social Connections Committee of CALLERLAB is having another contest. We were thrilled with the ideas we received from our first contest, and they are almost ready for publishing on the KnowledgeBase. For our second contest we are looking for ideas and showmanship points of communication that could be used from the microphone. These communications can not … Read more

Renewal Time

New Membership Forms are now available! This year you have several options to join or renew: – Renew online at CALLERLAB.org – Complete the fillable PDF and submit to the Home Office via mail or email with payment (check, credit card or Paypal) – Call the Home Office to renew over the phone (starting January 3) … Read more

Updated Challenge Documents

The new Challenge Lists and Definitions documents for C1, C2 & C3A are now available on the Challenge Page. The new documents include all changes from the 2021 Triennial Review as well as some other new definitions approved earlier this year. A special thanks to the Challenge Committee and Definitions Committee for their work updating … Read more

Upcoming Caller Schools

Attached is a list of known caller schools that are planned or may possibly take place during 2022. Encourage new callers as well as experienced callers to attend a school next year. Caller schools will always rejuvenate every caller’s attitude and skills. Scholarships are available for those with financial needs.  Visit https://callerlabfoundation.com/ for more information … Read more

USDA Beyond the Dance Floor – Finding Callers: Recruiting, Support, Mentoring & More

DON’T FORGET THIS SATURDAY!! Mark Your Calendars — Please join our next webinar on Saturday, September 18, 2021 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time USDA Beyond the Dance Floor – Finding Callers: Recruiting, Support, Mentoring & More Faculty: Daryl Clendenin – Longtime CALLERLAB Member & Accredited Caller Coach; Betsy Gotta – Accredited Caller Coach & Chair of CALLERLAB Caller Training … Read more

National Square Dance Month

Did you know that September is National Square Dance Month!!! It was suggested/created/established by Bob Osgood in his magazine “American Square Dance.” Pam Clasper did some research on this and provides this link to the original article suggesting it: The Sets In Order magazine from the August 1969 mentions it on page 10. The full … Read more

Triennial Review Results

2021 Triennial Review The current CALLERLAB Program Policy requires a review of all CALLERLAB dance programs at least once every three years. This review is conducted by each applicable dance program committee and is known as the “Triennial Program Review.” This review is conducted as follows: first the Basic & Mainstream Committee completes its review … Read more