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This repository collects information useful to Modern Western Square Dance leaders and callers. If you're trying to recruit new dancers, train callers, or promote MWSD in general, you will find valuable information here. Articles are gleaned from a wide array of sources and do not represent any particular organization or point of view. If you have questions or suggestions for content please contact Barry Clasper (

Perhaps the easiest way to understand what is here is to think of it as a collection of newspaper clippings, stories, and scrap book items. Each item is called an “article”. Some articles contain all the information within their body, while others will provide a description and links to complete information elsewhere. Each article bears on some aspect of MWSD but they come from all over the place. They may contain thoughts, opinions, ideas, anecdotes, histories, references, insights, resources, and much more. They all represent something somebody somewhere thought was valuable enough to write down, record, present, or otherwise share.

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The Knowledgebase is divided into five main categories:

  1. The Promoting Square Dancing category contains articles pertaining to the promotion of the square dance activity in general, as opposed to promotion of a specific event or club.
  2. The Developing Dancers  category contains articles pertaining to the recruiting, training, and retention of dancers. This includes information such as how to start and operate clubs, how to hold specific square dance events, lesson plans, teaching methods, social activities, etc.
  3. The Developing Callers category contains articles pertaining to the education and professional development of callers.
  4. The CALLERLAB Convention category contains articles with information drawn from CALLERLAB conventions. Each convention presents 40 or more hours of education, much of which has been recorded and/or has handout documents associated with it. Since there are now hundreds of session recordings available, index articles have been placed in this category to make specific material easier to find.
  5. The Winning Ways Stories category collects stories shared by callers and dancers who have tried something out and are willing to share their experience for the benefit of others. When a story contains an especially outstanding idea, we highlight it separately as an “idea” article, but reading the complete story gives you the context in which the idea was tried.


The CALLERLAB Mission Statement is: To foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills.