Millennium Award

The CALLERLAB Millennium Award is a one-time award presented to the late Bob Osgood, the primary force in the formation of CALLERLAB and one of our most influential Founding Members.

The Millennium Award was presented to Bob during the 50th National Square Dance Convention in Anaheim, California in June 2001. The inscription reads:

"Presented To Bob Osgood In appreciation of more than 60 years of dedication and service to Square, Round, and Contra dancing in all its many wonderful forms CALLERLAB presents to Bob Osgood the MILLENNIUM AWARD June 30, 2001"

Milestone Award

The CALLERLAB Milestone Award is the highest award CALLERLAB can bestow on any individual. The nominee is judged against rigid criteria in five separate categories. A nominee must meet the criteria in all five categories to receive the award. The primary purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals, whether CALLERLAB Members or not, who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the field of square dancing. This is often a difficult decision, for there are many outstanding people in our activity.

The Milestone Award is presented to individuals who have met the following five-point criteria in the field of square dancing and have been selected by the Executive Committee (EC) to be honored in this way. These five points are:

1) The recipient must have worked in UNCHARTED FIELDS.

2) The individual’s contributions to the activity much have STOOD THE TEST OF TIME

3) These Contributions must have been UNSELFISH.

4) In the course of making those contributions, the recipient must have displayed true LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONALISM.

5) Finally, the recipients’ work must have had a BROAD INFLUENCE on the activity.

In 2000 the Board removed the restriction against presenting this award posthumously. This award is an acrylic pyramid on a wood base, and is accompanied by a framed certificate.

The Milestone award is a recognition by an individuals peers, which sets the recipient apart from the ordinary. A certificate, dated and signed by the Chairman of the Board, accompanies the physical award.

The list below also provides a link to the Milestone Award write-up in the Honors Book. Also included (if available) is the presentation speech delivered at the CALLERLAB convention honoring the Milestone recipient.

The CALLERLAB Mission Statement is: To foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills.