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Annual Convention   
CALLERLAB Annual Convention Minimize

We are looking forward to the 2016 CALLERLAB Convention in :Leesburg (Lansdowne), VA, March 20-23, 2016.

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The CALLERLAB convention is MUCH more than a gathering of callers. There are CALLERLAB Members from all over the world AND there are representatives from most of the major dance organizations. The interest sessions include more than choreography.The Convention Schedule (DIRECTION) provides a complete list of interest sessions, committee meetings, and other convention activities.

The interest sessions at the CALLERLAB conventions are recorded by Convention CDs, Inc (CCD). as MP3 audio files. CALLERLAB Members may order a complete set of these MP 3 files from the 2015 CALLERLAB Convention at a cost of $25. Non-Members may also order the complete set of MP 3 files, for $75.00. Order Form .  Previous years recordings are also available.

We'll be staying at the National Conference Center  

Single Room rate of $199 includes room, beverages, snacks and three meals a day. Double occupancy is $50 more. Convention fee is $50 for callers, partners and non callers.   


CALLERLAB's members get together every year for three days of fellowship, energy, and actions:

  • Committee Meetings.  This is where most committee work is accomplished, when members can meet face-to-face.  Committees meet to discuss and reach decisions.
  • Interest Sessions. Callers with common interests get together and chat.   If you're new, you'll hear what to expect in new situations; if you're an old hand, you'll hear fresh ideas and share the enthusiasm.
  • Panels.  Panels are presented on many facets of calling. Panel facilitators share their knowledge and experience on a given topic, and participants always learn something that will improve or enhance their calling skills.
  • The Membership Meeting.  On Wednesday morning, the membership holds its annual business meeting, where CALLERLAB members make decisions. 
  • Social Time.  One of the most important things about the Convention is your opportunity to meet and network with other callers, where you can recharge your batteries, make friends, and share ideas.

In addition to the CALLERLAB Annual Convention, affiliated organizations sponsor Mini-Labs, which allow opportunities for callers outside the continental United States to fulfill the convention attendance requirement. Mini-Labs also provide the opportunity to network with fellow callers.

At the opening session of the 2009 CALLERLAB Convention in Kansas City, MO. Ed Foote delivered an inspiring motivational speech. Ed spoke about how we have gotten o where we are today and what we can do next to improve our calling career.Click here for a copy of Ed's speech.

Bill Boyd, Owner American Square Dance Magazine gave a motivational speech during the opening session at the 2010 CALLERLAB Convention in Niagara Falls, NY. Click here for a copy of Bill's speech.

Mike Seastrom, Past Chairman and Milestone Award recipient gave a motivational speech during the opening session at the 2011 CALLERLAB Convention in Las Vegas, NV. Click here for a copy of Mike's Speech

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