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CALLERLAB Awards Minimize

Millennium Award

The CALLERLAB Millennium Award is a one-time award presented to the late Bob Osgood, the primary force in the formation of CALLERLAB and one of our most influential Founding Members.

The Millennium Award was presented to Bob during the 50th National Square Dance Convention in Anaheim, California in June 2001. The inscription reads:

"Presented To Bob Osgood
In appreciation of more than 60 years of dedication and service to Square, Round, and Contra dancing in all its many wonderful forms CALLERLAB presents to Bob Osgood the MILLENNIUM AWARD
June 30, 2001"

Milestone Award

The CALLERLAB Milestone Award is the highest award CALLERLAB can bestow on any individual. The nominee is judged against rigid criteria in five separate categories. A nominee must meet the criteria in all five categories to receive the award. The primary purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals, whether CALLERLAB Members or not, who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the field of square dancing. This is often a difficult decision, for there are many outstanding people in our activity.

The Milestone Award is presented to individuals who have met the following five-point criteria in the field of square dancing and have been selected by the Executive Committee (EC) to be honored in this way.  These five points are:

1) The recipient must have worked in UNCHARTED FIELDS.

2) The individual’s contributions to the activity much have STOOD THE TEST OF TIME

3) These Contributions must have been UNSELFISH.

4) In the course of making those contributions, the recipient must have displayed true LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONALISM.

5) Finally, the recipients’ work must have had a BROAD INFLUENCE on the activity.

In 2000 the Board removed the restriction against presenting this award posthumously. This award is an acrylic pyramid on a wood base, and is accompanied by a framed certificate.

The Milestone award is a recognition by an individuals peers, which sets the recipient apart from the ordinary. A certificate, dated and signed by the Chairman of the Board, accompanies the physical award.

Please click for our Milestone Recipient List. The list below also provides a link to the Milestone Award write-up in the Honors Book. Also included (if available) is the presentation speech delivered at the CALLERLAB convention honoring the Milestone recipient.

Chairman's Award

Recipients of the Chairman’s Award are chosen by the Chairman of the Board to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to CALLERLAB, square dancing, or to the Chairman. There are no restrictions on the Chairman for consideration of award recipients. The choice is completely up to the Chairman.

Life (Gold Card) Membership

The Gold Card, “Life Membership” in CALLERLAB may be given in recognition of service to CALLERLAB. It may be presented to long term CALLERLAB Members who have provided outstanding service to CALLERLAB, and been selected by representatives of the membership (the EC) to be honored in this way. It may be given to callers who have retired from active calling. Under special circumstances, as determined by the EC, the Gold Card may also be given to CALLERLAB Members who are still actively calling.  The list of those who have been given this recognition is short.  It includes people who have worked very hard and very selflessly to enhance CALLERLAB. This organization has many ways of recognizing its Members, and in some cases even non-members, for their contributions to the square dance activity.  The Gold Card is reserved for those who have worked to make CALLERLAB a more valuable and successful leadership organization.  The service that our Gold Card members have given has come in many forms.

Award of Excellence

This award is presented to CALLERLAB Members for recognition of outstanding service to or support of CALLERLAB. This award is a plaque with the CALLERLAB logo, “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE”, the date of the presentation, and the following inscription engraved: “For Outstanding Contribution to CALLERLAB”.  

Special Recognition Award

 This award was designed by the Executive Committee as a means to recognize those people who have demonstrated outstanding support to square dancing. This award is a plaque which includes the CALLERLAB logo, the date of the presentation, and the following engraved inscription: “In Grateful Appreciation for Your Support and Outstanding Contribution to Square Dancing”.

Small World Award

This award is presented to Members residing outside continental North American and Hawaii, who are attending CALLERLAB for the first time. This award is a plaque with the inscription: “THE CALLERLAB SMALL WORLD AWARD PRESENTED TO” and the name of the recipient is engraved onto the plaque.

BOG Service Award

This award is presented to Members of the CALLERLAB Board Of Governors (BOG) when they leave the Board.

Special Award Certificate

This award is presented to recognize those people who have demonstrated outstanding support to CALLERLAB by giving unselfishly of their time, energy, and knowledge in support of CALLERLAB Committee work, Convention assistance, or other significant CALLERLAB program activities.

Appreciation Award Certificate

 Recipients of this award include Members and non-members who participate in training seminars at the National Square Dance Conventions, provide assistance at CALLERLAB Conventions, assistance to the Board, EC, or Home Office staff. This award is a certificate displaying the CALLERLAB logo, the date of the presentation, and the inscription: “In Grateful Appreciation of your dedication and service to CALLERLAB by giving unselfishly of your time, energy, and knowledge to support the goals and ideals of CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers”. 


Milestone Recipients Minimize
YearSorted By Year In Ascending OrderRecipientAward Information
0000All Records May Be Sorted By Clicking On The Above Labels 
1975Al BrundageBrundage_Al_(1975).pdf
1975Les Gotcher (Deceased)Gotcher_Les(1975).pdf
1975Joe Lewis (Deceased)Lewis_Joe_(1975).pdf
1975Lloyd Litman (Deceased)Litman_Lloyd_(1975).pdf
1975Al Brundage - Text Of Interview 
1976Herb Greggerson (Deceased)Greggerson_Herb_(1976).pdf
1976Fenton "Jonesey" Jones (Deceased)Jones_Fenton_(1976).pdf
1976Jimmy Clossin (Deceased)Clossin_Jimmy_(1976).pdf
1977No Award 
1978-01Bob Osgood (Also Gold Card in 1982) (Deceased)Osgood_Bob_(1978).pdf
1978-02Manning Smith Smith_Manning_(1978).pdf
1978-02Presentation Speech By Jon Jones1978 (Manning Smith)(Speech).pdf
1979Doc Alumbaugh (Deceased)Alumbaugh_Doc_(1979).pdf
1979Ed Gilmore (Deceased)Gilmore_Ed_(1979).pdf
1979Lee Helsel (Also Gold Card in 1980) (Deceased)Helsel_Lee_(1979).pdf
1979Bob Van Antwerp (Also Gold Card in 1987) (Deceased)Van_Antwerp_Bob_(1979).pdf
1980Don Armstrong (Deceased)Armstrong_Don_(1980).pdf
1980Charlie Baldwin (Deceased)Baldwin_Charlie_(1980).pdf
1980Jack Lasry (Deceased)Lasry_Jack_(1980).pdf
1980Benjamin Lovett (Deceased)Lovett_Benjamin_(1980).pdf
1980Ralph Page (Deceased)Page_Ralph_(1980).pdf
1981Marshall Flippo (Also Gold Card in 2011)Flippo_Marshall_(1981).pdf
1981Cal Golden (Also Gold Card on 1991) (Deceased)Golden_Cal_(1981).pdf
1981Frank Lane (Also Gold Card in 2007)Lane_Frank_(1981).pdf
1982Art Shepherd (Deceased)Shepherd_Art_(1982).pdf
1982Jim Hilton (Deceased)Hilton_Jim(1982).pdf
1982Johnny LeClair (Deceased)LeClair_Johnny(1982).pdf
1983Arnie Kronenberger (Also Gold Card in 1978) (Deceased)Kronenberger_Arnie_(1983).pdf
1983Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw (Deceased) Shaw_Lloyd_(Pappy)_1983).pdf
1983Ray Smith (Deceased)Smith_Raymond_(1983).pdf
1984-01Jim Mayo (Also Gold Card in 2006)Mayo_Jim_(1984).pdf
1984-01Presentation Speech By Don Beck1984 (Jim Mayo)(speech).pdf
1984-02Jim York (Deceased)York_Jim_(1984).pdf
1985-01Jon Jones (Also Gold Card in 2010)Jones_Jon_(1985).pdf
1985-01Presentation Speech By Chris Guest1985 (Jon Jones)(Speech).pdf
1985-02Dick Leger (Deceased)Leger_Dick_(1985).pdf
1985-02Presentation Speech By Skip Smith1985 (Dick Ledger)(Speech).pdf
1986Melton Luttrell (Also Gold Card in 2010)Luttrell_Melton_(1986).pdf
1986Bill Peters (Deceased) (Also Gold Card in 1999)Peters_Bill_(1986).pdf
1986Dave Taylor Taylor_Dave_(1986).pdf
1987No Award 
1988Bruce Johnson (Deceased)Johnson_Bruce_(1988).pdf
1989Bill Davis (Also Gold Card in1996) (Deceased)Davis_Bill_(1989).pdf
1989Decko Deck (Deceased)Deck_Decko_(1989)(2).pdf
1990No Award 
1991Herb Egender (Also Gold card in 1995)Egender_Herb_(1991).pdf
1992Jerry Haag Haag_Jerry_(1992).pdf
1992Jerry Helt Helt_Jerry_(1992).pdf
1992Stan & Cathy Burdick Burdick_Stan&Cathie_(1992).pdf
1992Lee Kopman Kopman_Lee_(1992).pdf
1993Earl Johnston Johnston_Earl_(1993).pdf
1993Presentation Speech By Ken Ritucci1993 (Earl Johnston)(Speech).pdf
1994-01Martin Mallard (Also Gold Card in 2006) (Deceased)Mallard_Martin_(1994).pdf
1994-01Presentation Speech By Guy Belliveau1994 (Martin Mallard)(Speech).pdf
1994-02Bob Ruff (Deceased)Ruff_Bob_(1994).pdf
1994-02Presentation Speech By Bob Osgood1994 (Bob Ruff)(Speech).pdf
1995No Award 
1996Osa Mathews (Deceased)Mathews_Osa_(1996).pdf
1996Presentation Speech By Bob Osgood1996 (Osa Mathews)(Speech).pdf
1997Ralph Piper (Deceased)Piper_Ralph_(1997).pdf
1997Presentation Speech By Al Brundage1997 (Ralph Piper)(Speech).pdf
1998-01Bob Howell (Deceased)Howell_Bob_(1998).pdf
1998-01Presentation Speech By Jerry Helt1998 (Bob Howell)(Speech).pdf
1998-02John Kaltenthaler (Also Gold Card in 2009)Kaltenthaler_John_(1998).pdf
1998-02Presentation Speech By Herb Egender1998 (John Kaltenthaler)(Speech).pdf
1999Gloria Rios Roth (Also Gold Card in 2005) (Deceased)Roth_Gloria_(1999).pdf
1999Presentation Speech By Jon Jones1999 (Gloria Rios Roth)(Speech).pdf
2000Tony Oxendine Oxendine_Tony_(2000).pdf
2000Presentation Speech By Jerry Junck & Jim Mayo2000 (Tony Oxendine)(Speech).pdf
2001-01Jack Murtha (Deceased)Murtha_Jack_(2001).pdf
2001-01Presentation Speech By Jon Jones2001 (Jack Murtha)(Speech).pdf
2001-02Mike Seastrom Seastrom_Mike_(2001).pdf
2001-02Presentation Speech By Bob Van Antwerp2001 (Mike Seastrom)(Speech).pdf
2002-01Bill Heyman (Also Gold Card in 2011)Heyman_Bill_(2002).pdf
2002-01Presentation Speech By Mike Jacobs2002 (Bill Heyman)Speech).pdf
2002-02Vaughn Parrish (Deceased)Parrish_Vaughn_(2002).pdf
2002-02Presentation Speech By Herb Egender2002 (Vaughn Parrish)(Speech).pdf
2002-03Al Stevens Stevens_Al_(2002).pdf
2002-03Presentation Speech By John Kaltenthaler2002 (Al Stevens)(Speech).pdf
2003Stew Shacklette Shacklette_Stew_(2003).pdf
2003Presentation Speech By Betsy Gotta2003 (Stew Shacklette)(Speech).pdf
2004Wade Driver (Presented By Mike Seastrom)Driver_Wade_(2004).pdf
2004Presentation Speech By Mike Seastrom2004 (Wade Driver)(Speech).pdf
2005No Award 
2006-01Betsy Gotta (Presented By John Kaltenthaler)Gotta_Betsy_(2006).pdf
2006-01Presentation Speech By John Kaltenthaler2006 (Betsy Gotta)(Speech).pdf
2006-02Calvin Campbell (Presented By Jim Mayo)Campbell_Calvin_(2006).pdf
2006-02Presentation Speech By Jim Mayo2006 (Calvin Campbell)(Speech).pdf
2007No Award 
2008Ed Foote (Presented By Mike Jacobs)Foote_Ed_(2008).pdf
2008Presentation Speech By Mike Jacobs2008 (Ed Foote)(Speech).pdf
2009No Award 
2010Masaru Wada (Presented by Mike Seastrom)Wada_Masaru_(2010).pdf
2010Presentation Speech by Mike Seastrom2010 (Masaru Wada)(Speech).pdf
2011No Award 
2012-01Bob Brundage (Presented by Jim Mayo)Bob Brundage - 2012.pdf
2012-02Mr. Tatsuzo Takase (Presented by Elmer Sheffield)TATSUZO TAKASE.pdf
2012-03Don Williamson (Presented by Elmer Sheffield)Don Williamson.pdf
2013Mike Jacobs (Presented by Betsy Gotta)MIKE JACOBS -2013.pdf
2013Presentation Speech by Betsy GottaMIKE JACOBS.pdf